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JCATI Funded Research

Each year, JCATI issues research awards to university faculty from across the state of Washington working in the aerospace field.  Funding for these awards begins on July 1.  All funds associated with these awards must be expended no later than June 30 of the following calendar year.  

2013 JCATI Awardees

“Additive Manufacturing of High Temperature Composites and Bimetallic Structures for Aerojet's Environmentally Sustainable Rocket Engines”

  • PI: Bandyopadhyay, Amit (WSU)                              
  • Co-PI(s): Bose, Susmita
  • Industry Partner(s): Aerojet Rocketdyne


“Design of Molecularly Tailored Electrolytes for High Performance Lithium Batteries”

  • PI: Banerjee, Soumik (WSU)                      
  • Co-PI(s): Dutta, Prasanta
  • Industry Partner(s): The Boeing Company


“High-Performance Aerospace Alloys: Corrosion Resistant Microstructure Design Toolkit”

  • PI: Chaudhuri, Santanu (WSU)                  
  • Industry Partner(s): The Boeing Company


“Advanced Bio-Derived Aviation Fuel Combustion: Particulate Emissions, NOx1 and Flame Stability”

  • PI: Kramlich, John (UW)                               
  • Industry Partner(s): Imperium Renewables, Inc. / E3 Energy Partners / The Boeing Company / Pacific Northwest National Laboratory / U.S. Air Force Propulsion Directorate, Fuels Development Research Laboratory


“Aromatic Hydrocarbons for Aviation Biofuels from Lignocellulosic Biomass”

  • PI: Lei, Hanwu (WSU)                    
  • Industry Partner(s): Gen-X Energy Group / MS Sustainables, LLC and USS International Group / Imperium Renewables


“Developing a Battery-Extender Auxiliary Power Unit (BE-APU) for Next-Generation Commercial Airplanes”

  • PI: Liu, Chen-Ching (WSU)                           
  • Co-PI(s): Norton, Grant / Ha, Su
  • Industry Partner(s): The Boeing Company


“Collaboration and Control of Multiple Unmanned Aerial Systems”

  • PI: Lum, Christopher (UW)                          
  • Co-PI(s): Vagners, Juris
  • Industry Partner(s): Insitu


“Metallurgical and Mechanical Characterization of Superplastically Formed and Friction Stir Welded Dissimilar Titanium Alloys”

  • PI: Mamidala, Ramulu(UW)                        
  • Industry Partner(s): The Boeing Company


“Advanced Attitude Control for Solar Electric Propulsion Spacecraft: Analysis, Modeling, and Simulations”

  • PI: Morgansen, Kristi (UW)                         
  • Industry Partner(s): Aerojet Rocketdyne


“Next Generation Resins for Aerospace Composites in Washington”

  • PI: Rider, David (WWU)                
  • Co-PI(s): Hoekstra, Nicole / Larson, Nicole
  • Industry Partner(s): Zodiac Cabin and Structures


“Beamforming Transceivers for Mobile Aircraft Communications - a CDADIC Project”

  • PI: Ringo, John A. (WSU)                              
  • Co-PI(s): Heo, Deuk / Rudell, Jacques C.
  • Industry Partner(s): Linear Signal, LLC /Tower Jazz Semiconductor


“Development of Lead Zirconate Titanate (PZT)-Silane Nano-Composite Think Film Sensors”

  • PI: Shen, I-Yeu (UW)                     
  • Co-PI(s): Cao, Guozhong
  • Industry Partner(s): The Boeing Company


“High-Sensitivity Plastic Fiber Optical Transceivers”

  • PI: Shi, C.J. Richard (UW)                             
  • Industry Partner(s): The Boeing Company


“Test Facility for Insulator Materials employed in Space Propulsion, Power and Communication”

  • PI: Slough, John (UW)                   
  • Industry Partner(s): MSNW LLC / Sienna Technologies


“The Effect of Bond Line Thickness Variation on Joint Strength”

  • PI: Smith, Lloyd Victor (WSU)                     
  • Industry Partner(s): The Boeing Company


“Embedded Section Heater for Temperature Control of Composite-Damage Repair”

  • PI: Tuttle, Mark (UW)                    
  • Co-PI(s): Devasia, Santosh
  • Industry Partner(s): HEATCON / The Boeing Company /AMTAS


2012 JCATI Awardees


“Additive Manufacturing of Aerojet’s Propellant Tank and Ceramic Components”

  • PI: Bandyopadhyay, Amit (WSU)                              
  • Co-PI(s): Bose, Susmita
  • Industry Partner(s): Aerojet-Rocketdyne


“Combined Computational/Experimental Approach to Optimize Manufacturing Process of Carbon Reinforced Composite Parts to Improve Mechanical/Corrosion Performance”

  • PI: Chauduri, Santanu (WSU)                              
  • Industry Partner(s): Triumph Composite Systems


“Embedded Sectional Heater for Temperature Control of Composite-Damage Repair”

  • PI: Devasia, Santosh (UW)                               
  • Co-PI(s): Tuttle, Mark  
  • Industry Partner(s): 


“Forged Composite Technology for Aerospace Industry in WA State”

  • PI: Feraboli, Paolo (UW)                              
  • Industry Partner(s): Automobili Lamborghini SpA


Characterization of Composite Panel Manufacturing for Aerospace Applications

  • PI: Hoekstra, Nicole (WWU)                              
  • Co-PI(s): Larson, Nicole / Rider, David
  • Industry Partner(s): Zodiac Aerospace

Characterization and Mitigation of Drilled Composite Surface Defects in Aircraft Assembly

  • PI: Kim, Dave (Dae-Wook) (WSU-Vancouver)                              
  • Co-PI(s): Gurocak, Hakan
  • Industry Partner(s): The Boeing Company


Emissions and Combustion Stability of Advanced Bio-Derived Aviation Fuels

  • PI: Kramlich, John (UW)                              
  • Co-PI(s): Hermanson, Jim / Mescher, Ann
  • Industry Partner(s): The Boeing Company / Pacific Northwest National Laboratory / Imperium Renewables / E3 Energy Partners Consulting Engineers

Characterization Facility for Gelled Cryogenic Fuels

  • PI: Leachman, Jacob (WSU)                              
  • Industry Partner(s): Aerojet-Rocketdyne


Developing a Battery-Extender Auxiliary Power Unit (BE-APU) for Next-Generation Commercial Airplanes

  • PI: Liu, Chen-Ching (WSU)                              
  • Co-PI(s): Ha, Su / Srivastava, Anurag / Norton, Grant
  • Industry Partner(s): The Boeing Company


Positrons in Shape Memory NiTi Alloys

  • PI: Lynn, Kelvin (WSU)                              
  • Co-PI(s): Weber, Marc
  • Industry Partner(s): The Boeing Company


"Snow Depths from the Heights: Developing a Mission-Specific Civilian Uunmanned Aircraft System for Sensing the Mountain Snowpack

  • PI: McCormack, Edward (UW)                              
  • Co-PI(s): Lunquist, Jessica
  • Industry Partner(s): Aerovel


"Multimode Laser Ultrasonics: Precise Measurement of Ultrasound Characteristics for Composite Structure Evaluation

  • PI: O'Donnell, Matt (UW)                              
  • Industry Partner(s): The Boeing Company


"Real-Time Inspection While Drilling Composites

  • PI: Ramulu, Mamidala (UW)                              
  • Industry Partner(s): The Boeing Company


"Beamforming Receiver for Mobile Aircraft Communications - a CDADIC Related Project

  • PI: Ringo, John (WSU)                              
  • Co-PI(s): Heo, Deuk
  • Industry Partner(s): Linear Signal 


"High Sensitivity Optical Receiver

  • PI: Shi, Richard (UW)                              
  • Co-PI(s): Ritcey, James
  • Industry Partner(s): The Boeing Company


"Development of Low-Cost and Reliable Joining Method for Composite Structures by Fe-based Shape Memory Alloy

  • PI: Taya, Minoru (UW)                             
  • Industry Partner(s): Toray Composites(America), Inc. / Nabtesco  


"Enhancing Electric Propulsion Systems in Washington State

  • PI: Winglee, Robert (UW)
  • Industry Partner(s): Eagle Harbor Technologies


"Bio-based Solid Polymeric Electrolytes for a Safer Higher Performance Lithium Ion Battery, Critically Needed for Future Generations of Commercial Aircraft

  • PI: Zhong, W. H. Katie (WSU)                              
  • Industry Partner(s): N/A