From Biomass to Jet Fuel

Research by Dr. Bin Yang, Professor of Biological Systems Engineering at Washington State University, and his team was featured on the July cover of Chemistry & Sustainability, Energy and Materials (ChemSusChem). The article "Effects of Sugars, Furans, and their Derivatives on Hydrodeoxygenation of Biorefinery Lignin-Rich Wastes to Hydrocarbons" describes factors important to the final hydrocarbon yield from biomass. Dr. Yang, a 2015 and 2018 JCATI awardee, and his industry partner Mercurius Biofuels are focused on scaling up their lignan-based jet fuel process to optimize biomass conversion efficiency. 

Biomass is an area of interest for companies working on alternative sources of jet fuel . Lignins are a readily available biofuel waste product and have been a focus of Dr. Yang's research at WSU. If lignan can be economically converted to lower molecular weight fragments to produce jet fuel, it will provide a high value product from waste that is typically burned. For more information on Dr. Yang and his research, please visit his website