The Joint Center for Deployment and Research in Earth Abundant Materials (JCDREAM) is a JCATI peer organization based at Washington State University. JCDREAM stimulates innovation in the use of earth-abundant materials within an established and emerging industrial sector. A state-wide focus on developing earth-abundant materials technologies within the existing innovation and manufacturing competencies will help propel Washington state into a position of national leadership in sustainable manufacturing practices within large-scale (transportation) and growth (clean energy) industries.

Recently JCDREAM created the Consortium for Hydrogen and Renewably Generated E-Fuels (CHARGE) to help make Washington State a global hub for commercializing alternative fuels.  Washington is an ideal place to push this technology forward and CHARGE is a mechanism for groups to collaborate and leverage each other's strengths. 

Alternative fuels is of importance for the aerospace industry as we see companies committing to carbon neutral deadlines. The JCATI 2022 RFP features an opportunity for researchers working in the area of long term deep decarbonization to also receive JCDREAM funds. Our goal is to leverage each of our program's strengths to grow this technology in Washington. 

For more information on JCDREAM and CHARGE, visit the JCDREAM website or contact Dr. Aaron Feaver, JCDREAM Director (aaron.feaver@wsu.edu)