COVID-19 Concept Paper Call

JCATI Call for COVID-19 Concept Papers (PDF)

Due Friday, July 10 5PM PDT

The aerospace industry in Washington State is confronting many COVID-19 related challenges. Every aspect of the industry from manufacturing and assembly to passenger safety is looking for innovative ideas. To help with this effort, JCATI is soliciting concept papers related to COVID-19 applicable technology for the aerospace industry. Washington's public universities are full of creative ideas which could benefit industry and airports across our state.

Potential areas of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Novel technologies for safe and efficient movement of passengers through airport terminals
  • Novel technlogies for aerospace manufacturing employee saftety
  • Touchless sanitation methods or product
  • Responsive technology for touchless sensing
  • Robotics and automation
  • Airport and airplane climate monitoring and control
  • Novel screening technologies
  • Innovative logistics for air transportation

Concept papers will be reviewed by the JCATI Board of Directors. Those selected will be asked to submit a brief but more detailed application including a project budget. 

Projects must be completed no later than 6/30/21 although many solutions are needed as soon as possible. 

Questions? Contact Beth Hacker, JCATI Program Manager,