2020 JCATI Virtual Symposium

2020 JCATI Symposium is Virtual!

Thursday April 9  9AM-11:30AM

Due to coronavirus, the annual JCATI symposium will be virtual using Zoom. 

Expert speakers:

  • Jeffrey Kaye, Monozukuri (cybersecurity)
  • Jennifer Klemisch, Boeing (machine learning)
  • Trevor McCrea, ATC Manufacturing (composites)

Note to JCATI projects: We will not hold the student pitch contest but I still need your slide. On the agenda, "JCATI awardee posters on website" at 10:30 is to remind the audience to view the posters linked below. Please send me your poster pdf by Monday, April 6.

2019-20 JCATI Awardee Posters

PI: Dwayne Arola (UW) Industry Partner: Toray Project: Advancing continuous carbon fiber-PPS filament for 3D printing thermoplastic composites

PI: Subhanshu Gupta (WSU) Industry Partner: Boeing Project: Integrated true-time delay beamforming for large-scale arrays

PI: Jim Hermanson (UW) Industry Partner: Aerojet Rocketdyne Project: Development of a tridyne microthruster for CubeSat applications

PI: Nicole Hoekstra (WWU) Industry Partner: Hexcel Project: Modified epoxy prepreg system for improved out life

PI: Dave Kim (WSU) Industry Partner: Fatigue Technologies Project: Fatigue simulation technologies of split-sleeve cold expanded aircraft holes for development of the new-generation instrumented puller system with advanced process monitoring

PI: Hongfei Lin (WSU) Industry Partner: Phillips 66 Project: Development of a pilot-scale biphasice catalytic process for production of sustainable aviation fuels

PI: Alex Mamishev (UW) Industry Partner: Aerojet Rocketdyne Project: Low acoustic emissions control and propulsion of aerial vehicles

PI: Somayeh Nassiri (WSU) Industry Partner: Boeing Project: Strong and durable permeable concrete pavements using cured composites from plane manufacturing

PI: Igor Novosselov (UW) Industry Partners: Boeing/SpecTree Project: Hybrid sensor network for workers exposure monitoring and intervention strategies

PI: Chris Rudell (UW) Industry Partner: Boeing Project: Maximally-digital integrated ultra-wideband compact CMOS multibeam mm-wave phase array transceivers with ML-enhanced baseband processing

PI: Juris Vagners (UW) Industry Partners: T-Mobile/Hood Technology/Insitu Project: GPS degraded/denied navigation via cellular networks (CellNav)

PI: JK Yang (UW) Industry Partners: Electroimpact/Chomarat North America/Think Composites Project: Machine learning-assisted composite design tool development

PI: Jinwen Zhang (WSU) Industry Partner: Global Fiberglass Solutions Project: Self-repairable and recyclable carbon fiber reinforced expoxy vitrimer composites for aerospace application

JCATI Capstone Project

PI: Craig Johnson (CWU) Industry Partner: Boeing Project: Recycle Processor for Commercial Wing Trimmings


The JCATI symposium highlights 2019-20 JCATI funded projects as well as expert aerospace speakers, student elevator pitch contest and poster session. The symposium is a unique forum to network with industry, government, academia, potential future employees and non-profits. For more JCATI information and a list of 2019-20 awardees, please visit our website.

Questions? Contact Beth Hacker, JCATI Program Manager (bhacker@aa.washington.edu, 206-685-8063)