2021 JCATI Virtual Symposium

2021 JCATI Virtual Symposium 

Monday April 12  

Our 2021 Symposium will be virtual using Whova. More coming soon...


2020-21 JCATI Awardees

PI: Amit Bandyopadhyay (WSU) Industry Partner: Boeing Project: Development of high temperature oxidation resistant titanium alloys

PI: Wen-Ji Dong (WSU) Industry Partner: Altek Project: Mask-based sensor for reatl time monitoring SARS-CoV-2 infection 

PI: Subhanshu Gupta (WSU) Industry Partner: Boeing Project: Wideband interference cancellation using true-time-delay receivers

PI: Jim Hermanson (UW) Industry Partner: Aerojet Rocketdyne Project: Further development of a tridyne microthruster for CubeSat applications

PI: Jake Leachman (WSU) Industry Partner: Blue Origin Project: Cryogenic fuel bladders for in-space propellant storage Phase II

PI: Alex Mamishev (UW) Industry Partner: Aerojet Rocketdyne Project: Demonstration of low acoustic emissions control and propulsion of aerial vehicles

PI: Dustin McLarty (WSU) Industry Partner: Boeing Project: High power density SOFC for more electric aircraft

PI: Kristi Morgansen (UW) Industry Partner: Boeing Project: Sensor-based modeling for commercial aircraft model verification and validation to support ride quality

PI: Igor Novosselov (UW) Industry Partners: Boeing/SpecTree Project: Noise sensor network for workers protection in aerospace manufacturing

PI: Igor Novosselov (UW) Industry Partners: Control Dynamics Inc./SpecTree  Project: Surveillance and control of airborne COVID-19 transmission using non-thermal plasma reactor and hyper resolved aerosol sensor network

PI: Mark Peyron (WWU) Industry Partner: Convergent Manufacturing Project: Maximally-digital integrated ultra-wideband compact CMOS multibeam mm-wave phase array transceivers with ML-enhanced baseband processing

PI: Marco Salviato (UW) Industry Partner: Composite Recycling Technology Center/Chomarat NA/ES3 Project: Computationally-assisted modeling of the manufacturing of recycled discontinuous fiber composites

PI: Min-Kyu Song (WSU) Industry Partner: Ecellix, Inc. Project: Development of safe, high-energy all-solid-state batteries for electric aircraft

PI: Juris Vagners (UW) Industry Partners: Applewhite Aero/Hood Technologies/Chelan County Sheriff Dept Project: Drone aided wilderness search and locate (SAL)

PI: Bin Yang (UW) Industry Partners: Phonon Energy/Mercurius Biorefining/Polykala Technologies Project: Minimization of jet fuel emissions via optimization of J-A1 fuel with the lignin-based jet fuel compositions and processing

PI: Jinwen Zhang (WSU) Industry Partner: Global Fiberglass Solutions Project: Self-repairable and recyclable carbon fiber reinforced vitrimer composites for aerospace applications

PI: Xiao Zhang (WSU) Industry Partner: Boeing/Dason Technologies  Project:  Hybrid conversion process for producing sustainable aviation fuel from lignin

JCATI Capstone Project

PI: Charles Pringle (CWU) Industry Partner: Boeing Project: Recycle processor for commercial wing trimmings


The JCATI symposium highlights 2020-21 JCATI funded projects as well as expert aerospace speakers, student elevator pitch contest and poster session. The symposium is a unique forum to network with industry, government, academia, potential future employees and non-profits. For more JCATI information and a list of 2020-21 awardees, please visit our website.

Questions? Contact Beth Hacker, JCATI Program Manager (bhacker@aa.washington.edu)