Space Propulsion

Advanced CubeSat Development


Students from Robert Winglee's group at the UW describe the development of multiple operations systems for small sattelites known as CubeSats

Progress & Prospects in Space Technology Development and Demonstration


Dr. Jeff Sheehy, Chief Engineer NASA STMD, discusses technology innovations necessary for current and future NASA missions at the 2019 JCATI Symposium

Advanced Propulsion for Space Systems and Washington State


Robert Winglee from the University of Washington presents an overview of his JCATI funded space propulsion projects at the 2019 JCATI symposium.

Pipeline to Space


Mark Russell, CEO & Founder of EnergeticX, discusses the impact of a JCATI funded project on his company at the 2018 JCATI Symposium.

NASA Glenn Propulsion Technologies: Pushing Aviation & Space Exploration to New Heights


Jim Free, Director, NASA Glenn Research Center, presents current advancements in aviation technology at the 2015 JCATI syposium.

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