Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

JCATI Fact Sheet


What is JCATI?

The Joint Center for Aerospace Technology Innovation (JCATI) is a legislative funded initiative to stimulate aerospace economic development and job creation in Washington State. We do this by funding collaborations between the aerospace industry and academic researchers at the State’s public 4-year institutions of higher education. This partnership also provides hands on experience for students interested in aerospace careers.

What is the source of JCATI award money?

JCATI is supported by Washington State Proviso funds, which are subject to legislative renewal every biennium.

How long is the funding period?

The JCATI funding period follows the Washington State budget cycle of July 1 to June 30 of the following year. There is no carry forward of funds. Any unspent funds must be returned to the state.

Who holds the intellectual property for JCATI funded projects?

Each academic institution has their own mechanisms for intellectual property so please contact the JCATI Program Manager for more information.

What kind of projects does JCATI fund?

JCATI funding does not target one specific area but rather is interested in funding all aspects of the aerospace industry such as: manufacturing, composites, communication, electronics, structures, space, UAVs, propulsion, controls, aviation biofuels and aircraft power systems. Many scientific disciplines touch the aerospace industry and there is a broad range of needs to be answered. We aim to fund technically sound innovations which can transition to the industry partner.   

Does JCATI fund multi-year projects?

JCATI provides only one year of funding at a time for any project. Projects who feel they need more time must reapply and go through the review process each year.  JCATI funds are meant as seed money for targeted short term projects.  JCATI funding recipients are encouraged to continue their collaboration by pursuing federal or other sources of long term funding.

My company is not based in Washington State. Can my academic partner still apply for funding?

Your industry partner must have a presence and project benefit must occur in Washington State. The academic partner must also be from one of Washington’s six public 4-year institutions of higher education.

Can industry receive JCATI funds?

No. According to our funding legislation, only the academic partner can receive JCATI funds.

Why do you require in-kind funds from industry?

In-kind funds measure industry’s commitment to the project and help direct the technology transition.

What is the JCATI review process?

All applications undergo an initial review by expert reviewers. The scores are compiled and a subset of top applications undergoes a second round of review. Summaries of the reviews and funding recommendations are submitted to JCATI’s Board of Directors, who rely on this information to make the final grant award decisions.

Is small in-kind support from a small company viewed negatively as opposed to large in-kind support from a larger company?

No. Both JCATI and the legislature want to encourage participation by small and medium sized companies. The reviewers want to see that the support is appropriate to the size of the industry partner.